Oase Air Flo 4000

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The Oase Air Flo 4000 air pump helps deliver oxygen to the depths of your garden pond, allowing your fish to breathe better, espeically in hotter weather.


  • Air Flo 4000 - 400v (50m)
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Product Information

The Oase Air Flo 4000 is a powerful fountain pump that is widely used all over Europe to create stunning water features. As the flow rate is an amazing 295,000 lph it can handle large volumes of water easily, so it's perfect for large ponds or commercial use.

Using a pump is a great way to ensure the health of your pond. As the water is constantly moving, it reduces the risk of stagnant areas and encourages the oxygen in the water to spread around the pond or lake more easily. This is ideal for healthy plants and fish alike.

The unit includes three different fountain heads which are easily changed to create various water effects.

Easy to install, this efficient pump is quickly fitted and ready to go as per the Oase Plug'n'Spray principles. It is easily screwed onto the motor housing via the bayonet fixing. Thanks to a large stainless basket around the pump, larger particles of waste cannot clog the pump easily, meaning less maintenance and a longer life for your Air Flo unit.

Lights can be attached to the outside of the unit to make a real feature of the pump (not included).

Key Features:

  • Features an impressive 295000 litre per hour flow rate
  • Axial propeller technology for maximum water flow rates.
  • 3 different, voluminous "Trumpet" type water patterns.
  • Simple installation and maintenance due to "bayonet" technology.
  • Foam float for extraordinary stability while in the water
  • Stainless steel pump basket helps to avoid damage from large particles
  • Includes Mounting set
  • Supplementary lighting set with innovative stainless steel holder can also be ordered.

Technical Information

  • Dimensions in mm: 950 x 1150.
  • Nominal voltage: 400V / 50 Hz.
  • Pump power in kW: 4.
  • Nominal current in Ampere: 9.6.
  • Max. Litres per hour: 295000.
  • Minimum water depth in m: 1.15.
  • Approx. weight in kg: 60.
  • Cable length in m: 50 + 2.
  • Cable length in m: 150 + 2.
  • Please note Lights are not supplied with the unit.

Product Specification

Product Voltage Max LPH Guarantee Wattage Length (m)
Oase Air Flo 4000 - 400v (50m) 400v/50hz 295000lph 2 Years 4kw Cable Length 50m

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