Oase Aqua Air 250

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The Oase Aqua Air 250 air pump system floats on the surface of your pond where normal airpumps might not reach too, delivering air straight down to create an oxygen-rich body of water.


  • Aqua Air 250
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Product Information

The Oase Aqua Air 250 LM is a floating aerator that provides an adequate supply of oxygen for bodies of water up to 250,000 litres. Made with Oase's top quality research and design, you can be confident of the very best levels of performance.

Using this aerator will improve the water conditions for fish, plants and other life forms. As oxygen is distributed through the water it lessens the chances of stagnant areas and loosens sludge that may have formed on the pond floor, sending it to the pond filter.

The unit floats on the surface of the water and supplies the air/water mixture to the pond or lake via the venturi principle. The high volume flow guarantees air supply in the entire body of water through strong flow movements. It has a Stainless Steel filter basket and suspension to prolong the life of the unit and keep out debris and waste from the mechanism.

The flow injector can be angled to suit deep and shallow areas of the pond for best effect too. This forces the water and oxygen into specific areas as needed. The Aqua Air 250 is a great choice in the summer period when oxygen levels are at their lowest and helps to keep your pond healthy and clean when needed most.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable injection nozzle for specific application of oxygen.
  • Depth penetration to 4 metres.
  • High flow speeds transform any standing body of water into a flowing body of water.
  • Extra-long service life due to canned motor technology without seals that are subject to wear.
  • Low-noise underwater operation.
  • Stainless steel filter basket and suspension.
  • Fastening material is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Optimal oxygen supply thanks to small bubbles.
  • 3+2 year guarantee.

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 725 x 555 x 310mm.
  • Rated Voltage: 230V / 50Hz.
  • Power Consumption (pump): 650W.
  • Litres per hour max: 30,000 l/h.
  • Filter Surface intake: approx 3000 cm².
  • Air displacement quantity: approx 8500 l/h.
  • Radiation depth *: up to 4m.
  • For bodies of water to max: 250 m³.
  • Minimum water depth: 500 mm.
  • Weight: 28.0 kg.
  • Cable length: 30 m.

* Depends on the jet angle set

Commercial Code: comla1

Product Specification

Product Wattage Voltage Max LPH Max Pond Size
Oase Aqua Air 250 650w 230v/50hz 30000lph 250m/3

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