Oase Aquarius Universal Expert Pond Pumps

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To make a real splash in your pond, take a look at these high-performance Aquarius Universal Pro Pond Pumps (21000 - 40000 lph). Versatile, they can be used to power a filter system or simply used as a fantastic fountail display - elegant and beautiful.


  • Aquarius Universal Expert 21000
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  • Aquarius Universal Expert 27000
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  • Aquarius Universal Expert 40000
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Product Information

The Oase Aquarius Universal Pro (Formerly Oase Profinaut) range of Pond Pumps are famed for their high-performance and are excellent for use in fountains and waterfalls. They are more powerful than the Aquarius Universal Eco and boast flow rates of up to 40,000 hour in the largest models.

Because of the high flow rate, these pumps are perfect at running features like waterfalls, bubbling streams and larger fountains that require plenty of power. They are incredibly quiet running despite their output and are easy to adjust.

To preserve the components of your pump and ensure a long life, the pump is housed in a stainless steel filter basket which keep out large particles of debris and waste. The whole unit is weatherproof and can withstand temperatures as low as -20⁰C, so it can be used over the colder months.

The unit can be used both in and out of the pond, below water level, and comes complete with an integral handle to make positioning the pump even easier. These particular models also have a removable pedestal which makes installation even easier.

The Aquarius Universal Pro comes complete with an adapter set for connection of one inch and one and a half inch nozzles.

Key Features:

  • Quiet running
  • Easy to adjust
  • Stainless steel cage
  • Can be submersed or dry installed
  • Winter-proof (frost resistant to -20C) and has thermal protection
  • Great for larger ponds
  • Long service life

Max Head Height:

  • 2100 Model: 9.6m
  • 27000 Model: 10m
  • 41000 Model: 11m

Product Specification

Product Weight Max Head Max LPH Wattage Inlet Pipe Size
Oase Aquarius Universal Expert 21000 15kg 9.6m 21,800 470 2
Oase Aquarius Universal Expert 27000 15kg 10m 27,000 645 2
Oase Aquarius Universal Expert 40000 17kg 11m 40,000 1000 2.5

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 13/07/2017 06:07am
    Oase Aquarius Universal 27000
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    Pump perfect pond Cristal clear & so easy to use cleaning it is also very easy too
  • Rating
    Date 03/10/2017 05:10am
    Oase Aquarius Universal 40000
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    Easy installation, excellent performance