Oase BioKick Fresh

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Oase BioKick Fresh gives your pond filter a jump start, adding a ready made colony of beneficial bacteria to your filter system to take up residence and begin cleaning your pond water, getting it ready for fish even faster.


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Product Information

Oase Biokick Fresh, clear water bacteria with freshness guarantee, is the perfect filter starter for your garden pond.

It contains millions of micro-organisms that boost the natural, biological bacteria that break down the nitrite and ammonia into relatively harmless. It changes colour to indicate that it is working well, a neutral, harmless process that degrades safely into the water.

It starts to work in your garden pond after around 20 minutes, providing quick, efficient results that are perfect for ponds with a fish stock and a high waste value.

500ml container treats 10,000 litres.

Key Features:

  • Long lasting and highly active.
  • Activation of millions of micro-organisms by the customer, this can be monitored live through a colour change, and thus the functionality is guaranteed.
  • Fast decomposition of ammonium/ammonia nitrate and nitrite.
  • Follow-up dose is not required.
  • Patent applied for.
  • Colour indicator is harmless and biodegradable.
  • Please note that the time period until the colour changes is temperature-dependent due to different bacterial activities.

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