Oase BioMaster Thermo External Filters

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The BioMaster can not only be conveniently concealed in the aquarium base cabinet, it is also easy to clean. The prefilter can be completely removed, simply rinse out and re-insert it - neat and clean thanks to the EasyClean prefilter module. The aquarium filter is available with or without the HeatUp adjustable heater. The BioMaster ensures discrete highly efficient filter technology outside of your aquarium!


  • BioMaster Thermo 250
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  • BioMaster Thermo 350
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  • BioMaster Thermo 600
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Product Information

The BioMaster or BioMaster Thermo is an external filter for aquariums between 250 and 600 litres in size with high fish stock. It offers convenience for the most rigorous requirements.

These BioMaster external filters are packed with a combination of mechanical and highly effective biological filter media meaning a much larger surface area for bacteria to colonise resulting in cleaner clearer water.

Included is all the filter media, hoses, adaptor, intake and outflow tube, as well as water diffuser. Suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums and guaranteed for 3 years.

  • Model 250
    Dimensions 240 x 240 x 370mm.
    Max flow rate 800L per hour.
    Suitable for aquariums up to 250L.
    Complete with 150w heater.

  • Model 350
    Dimensions 240 x 240 x 425mm.
    Max flow rate 1000L per hour.
    Suitable for aquariums up to 350L.
    Complete with 200w heater.

  • Model 250
    Dimensions 240 x 240 x 480mm.
    Max flow rate 1250L per hour.
    Suitable for aquariums up to 600L.
    Complete with 300w heater.

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