Oase BioSmart Sets

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Oase Biosmart filter sets are designed for ponds ranging between 7,000 litres and 36,000 litres. and provide everything you need for your pond - a top of the range Aquamax Eco/Classic pump, a UV clarifier and a filter box.


  • BioSmart Set 7000
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    Free: 9w PLS Replacement UVC
  • BioSmart Set 14000
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    Free: 11w PLS Replacement UVC
  • BioSmart Set 18000
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    Free: 18w PLL Replacement UVC
  • BioSmart Set 24000
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  • Biosmart Set 36000
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    Free: 36w PLL Replacement UVC

Product Information

Oase BioSmart sets are created to suit ponds from 7,000 to 36,000 litres. Each set contains everything required to have the best pond possible; a pump, filter and UV clarifier.

The pump included is of course to the usual high standards of Oase, and also comprises a UV clarifier and filter that are matched to work in harmony for the best results for any size of pond.

The Biosmart kits use UVC technology for the safe removal of algae and pathogens, and a filtration system to purify the water for a balanced, healthy pond. An additional feature of temperature and pollutant indicators allow for easy monitoring.

Maintenance of the unit is quick and simple, the filter has cleaning handles, which means the media does not need to be removed for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Guaranteed clear and healthy pond water through biological mechanical cleaning.
  • UVC technology for safe removal of algae and pathogens.
  • Oxygen enrichment through special water routing.
  • Easy maintenance with cleaning handles.
  • Pollutant indicator and temperature display.
  • Integrated sludge drain for simple removal of coarse debris from the filter.
  • The filter can be recessed into the ground by up to ..." of its height.

Oase Biosmart 7000

  • Oase FP2500 pump
  • 9w UVC
  • BioSmart 7000 filter
  • 3m 0.75" hose
  • Pond volume in Ltrs - 7000 without fish, 3500 no Koi, 1500 with Koi

Oase Biosmart 14000

  • Oase FP3500 pump
  • 11w UVC
  • BioSmart 14000 filter
  • 3m 3/4" hose
  • Pond volume in Ltrs - 14000 with fish, 7000 without Koi, 3500 with Koi

Oase Biosmart 18000

  • Aquamax Classic 5500 pump
  • Vitronic 18w PLL UVC
  • BioSmart 30000 filter (Biotec 10.1 filter)
  • 5m 1 1/2" hose
  • Pond volume in Ltrs - 18000 without Fish, 9000 without Koi, 4500 With Koi

Oase Biosmart 24000

  • Aquamax Classic 5500 pump
  • Vitronic 24w UVC
  • BioSmart 30000 filter (Biotec 10.1 filter)
  • 5m 1 1/2" hose
  • Pond volume in Ltrs - 24000 with fish, 12000 without Koi, 6000 with Koi

Oase Biosmart 36000

  • Aquamax Classic 11500 pump
  • Vitronic 36w UVC
  • BioSmart 30000 filter (Biotec 10.1 filter)
  • 5m 1 1/2" hose
  • Pond volume in Ltrs - 36000 without fish, 18000 without Koi, 9000 With Koi

Please note that the larger units, the 24000, 30000 and 36000 are special items and are ordered directly from Oase. As such they are sent on a 48 hour delivery service.

As always if you would like any more information about these products, or any of our other items, please call our sales team on 0161 351 4700.

Product Specification

Product Max Head Size Max LPH Inlet Pipe Size Wattage
Oase BioSmart Set 7000 2.2 metres 380 x 280 x 410mm 2500 25mm - 40mm UV= 9w, Pump= 40w
Oase BioSmart Set 14000 2.7 metres 560 x 380 x 410mm 3400 25mm - 40mm UV= 11w, Pump= 70w
Oase BioSmart Set 18000 2.8m 559 x 596 x 408 5500 25mm - 40mm UV= 18w, Pump= 60w
Oase BioSmart Set 24000 2.8m 920 x 555 x 405mm 5500 25mm - 40mm UV= 24w, Pump= 60w
Oase Biosmart Set 36000 3.3m 920 x 555 x 405 11500 25mm - 40mm UV= 24w, Pump= 60w

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 28/07/2015 06:07am
    Oase BioSmart Set 14000
    Feefo Logo
    Easy to set up, but will take weeks before I can tell how well the filter is working.
    I do NOT like the sludge emptying method - when you remove the cap, there is no way to catch the waste or direct it away.
  • Rating
    Date 15/06/2016 04:06am
    Oase BioSmart Set 14000
    Feefo Logo
    No connection for returning water.
  • Rating
    Date 08/07/2015 14:07pm
    Oase Biosmart Set 36000
    Feefo Logo
    Just what I expected, well designed well made from Oase excellently sold by swell
  • Rating
    Date 03/09/2017 06:09am
    Oase BioSmart Set 14000
    Feefo Logo
    Great item, doesn't come with bends though so you will end up spending a bit more. Cleared the pond in a couple of hours
  • Rating
    Date 03/02/2015 14:02pm
    Oase BioSmart Set 7000
    Feefo Logo
    Looks like the right gear for my problems. Let you know when in full operation
  • Rating
    Date 01/05/2016 08:05am
    Oase BioSmart Set 24000
    Feefo Logo