Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 Sets

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These Oase Biotec Screenmatic2 Sets are top of the range pond filtration systems, comprising of a high-performance pond pump, UV clarifier and a stunningly efficient Biotec filter - a complete system for crystal clear pond water!


  • BioTec Screenmatic2 - 40000 Set
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    Free: Air Pump, Airline and 2 Airstones
  • BioTec Screenmatic2 - 60000 Set
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    Free: Swell Pond Skimmer 3000
  • BioTec Screenmatic2 - 90000 Set
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    Free: Swell Compact Sludge Vacuum

Product Information

The new Oase Biosys set 40000 and 60000 are complete filtration systems optimally matched to work together to provide clean, clear and healthy water for any pond. They come complete with the Bitron C UVC clarifier, powerful and reliable Filter pump and the brand new for 2016 Biotec Screenmatic².

The Biosys Filtration systems use long established filtration principles with modern technology to provide exceptional performance and includes the following components.

The new Biotec screenmatic ² provides automatic particulate separation, easy cleaning biological filtration and chemical binders to instantly start working the moment the Filter is commissioned. In addition the Filter can be modified after maturation to use anti algae treatments.

The Bitron C UVC combines high output UVC with a self cleaning mechanism and can easily be fitted to the Biotec Screenmatic ² for convenient installation.

The Aquamax eco premium pump delivers powerful performance while being exceptionally energy efficient. This exceptional pump has a Five year extended guarantee (upon registration) and can be used to incorporate Skimmers or satellite strainers giving it an unrivalled reputation amongst Pond pumps.

At a glance:

  • Optimally matched filter system
  • Quick and easy installation on site thanks to pre-installed components
  • Includes Biokick 1 filter starter for the initial settlement of micro-organisms
  • Clear water guarantee
  • Easy to clean and have long service life.

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