Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact - Gravity Fed EGC

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Built using Oases revolutionary Rotational Drum technology combined with superb tried and tested Biological media, the Oase ProfiClear Premium is the perfect Filtration for those with high demands and want a minimal maintenance system.


  • ProfiClear Premium Compact -M Gravity Fed EGC
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Product Information

The Oase Moving Bed Module Hel-X ensures fluid media movement.

Expert know how and original Hel -X biomedia provides for reliable nutrient reduction in the filter. Extremely large protected settlement surface for micro-organisms - 40% more than Kaldnes K1: Hel-X 704m² / 1000l | Kaldnes K1 500m² / 1000l. Innovative Bypass technology enables optimal movement of the Hel-X media even with high flow rates. Efficient removal of toxins like ammonium, ammonia and nitrites.

The Proficleam Premium Compact offers filtration with a very fast maturing high surface area biological filter all in one compact package. The extremely efficient Drum section automatically removes all but the finest particulates minimising cleaning on the biological stage thus protecting its essential bacterial colony. Further to this easy clean tools are provided with a separate drain valve to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Nutrients that cause excessive algae production are reduced via the fast extraction of waste by-products that are no longer broken down in the system that means with a well-established plant scheme algae production can be controlled.

Easy Garden Control - EGC: Conveniently control all settings via app, through connection possibilities on the easy garden control (EGC). Upgrading existing systems is possible with the separately available upgrade kit.

Incorporating an intelligent control system, the ProfiClear Premium Compact can be controlled by the Pond keeper and important information can be fed back.

Pre-installed diffuser for optimal oxygen enrichment and turbulence. For use with AquaOxy air

At a glance:

  • Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 830 x 600 x 820
  • Net weight in kg: 50,00
  • Guarantee: 2 + 1 years
  • Biological filter surface in m² 43,0
  • Biological filter surface protected in m² 35,5
  • Material: GRP thermoset
  • Number of inlets (unit) 2
  • Connections, inlet DN 150
  • Number of outlets (unit) 2
  • Connections, outlet DN 150
  • Connections, sludge discharge DN 70
  • Max. flow rate (l/h) 25000
  • Min. flow rate (l/h) 10000
  • Connection to AquaOxy CWS 2000 - 4800
  • Installation height over water level in cm 13
  • Type of use: Pumping system, gravity-fed
  • Other: Ventilation pre-installed, pollutant discharge including slide valve

Because this is a gravity-fed filter, getting the right setup is essential to ensure you achieve at least the minimum flow rate needed to operate the new ProfiClear module. For this important reason, we highly recommend you contact the Swell UK team on 0161 3514700 to let us help plan out your filtration setup to get you the very best results.

Gravity fed filters are great and feature low running costs when setup correctly, but due to marginally more complicated setup, we cannot refund purchases of this filter if you have not followed our setup guide and contact Swell UK unless there is a fault with the system. It only takes a few minutes to get things started, so call up on 0161 3514700 with the description of your pond, and we'll be happy to help you get the best from your new system!

*Please note, this item is despatched on a pallet service. A contact number must be entered on your account for the delivery to be booked in.

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Size Max LPH Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size
Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact -M Gravity Fed EGC 2 + 1 885mm x 685mm x 820mm 7500 DN 110mm DN 110mm

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