Oase Quick Sticks 6in1

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A fast and accurate pond test lab, this Oase Quick Sticks 6in1 test kit provides easy to read results on the chemistry of your pond water, letting you know if certain chemicals are outside of their optimum parameters.


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Product Information

Oase Quickstick 6 in 1 is the new quick test kit from Oase.

The Quickstick tests for pH value, total hardness, carbonate hardness, nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3), chlorine (CL2). Simply dip the strip in to pond water and compare against the handy chart on the container. It really couldn't be easier and as the kit contains over 50 strips, you can be confident of accurate, reliable results for longer. 


  • Dip the test strip in the pond water for one second
  • Shake off excess water
  • Wait for one minute then compare against colour chart

Key Features:

  • For fast, simple and reliable water analysis for the 6 most important values.
  • Takes about one minute.
  • Suitable for testing approximately 50 water samples (300 parameters).

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