Oase Underwater Cable Connector UKK1K

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Water and electricity are best kept separate, so if you need to connect wires underwater, do it with an OASE Underwater Cable Connector UKK1K to make it safe and secure.


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Product Information

The Oase UKK1K underwater cable connector is the only fully submersible cable joiner available in the water gardening industry. It is a very popular cable connector due to its fully submersible properties and is made to the highest standard of production.

It is suitable for joining cables under the water, or outside the pond where flooding may occur. It is also a very useful fitting if a cable is accidentally cut, or you wish to replace a pump in the pond without having to re-lay a complete new cable run.

Product Information:

  • 1 inlet and 1 outlet for cable 7 - 14mm diameter, 4 terminals and earth.

Product Specification

Product Guarantee
Oase Underwater Cable Connector UKK1K 1 year

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