Oasis VorTec 12000

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Providing the highest level of filtration, the Vortec 12000 is exactly what that you need to cater for your beautiful Koi collection.


  • Vortec 12000
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Product Information

The Oasis Vortec 12000 is a powerful and efficient pond filter suitable for ponds up to 12000 litres. It has a maximum flow rate of an impressive 3600 litres per hour, making light work of cleansing the water in your pond.

The advanced design incorporates a Vortex chamber. This swirls the water into a whirlpool effect, effectively forcing larger particles of waste to break down and drop to the base of the chamber for removal via the back flush valve.

From there the water is forced through to another chamber packed with filter foam media which removes particles of waste, however small. Under these foams is a layer of biological media, Flocor. The large surface area of this plastic media promotes the growth of nitrate consuming bacteria which cleanses the water beautifully.

Affordable and easy to install, this system will ensure the removal of larger debris and impurities that would otherwise be harmful to the water of your invaluable Koi fish collection.


  • Max Pond Volume Filtration: 12000 litres
  • Max Flow Rate: 3600 litres per hour
  • Outlet Size: 50 x 2 millimetres
  • Inlet Size: 19-38 millimetres
  • Dimensions: 115 x 50 x 47 centimetres

Key Features:

  • Large main vortex compartment
  • Includes back flush option, allows easy maintenance by quick removal of sediment build up
  • Uses gravity feed design to ensure removal of heavy sediment and debris
  • Affordable and easy to install it can be used with pump or gravity fed filtration
  • Multi-layered biological medium including Flocor
  • One year guarantee

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