Oasis VorTec 20000

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Providing the most thorough levels of filtration, the Oase Vortec 20000 is a filter system designed for Koi ponds using either pumps or gravity fed systems to keep the water extra clean for the benefit of your Koi.


  • VorTec 20000
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Product Information

The large Oasis VorTec 20000 multi chamber filter is capable of handling a huge 20000 litres of water, and has a maximum flow rate of 6750 litres per hour.

Perfect for Koi keepers, this powerful filter can be pump or gravity fed for the best results. Koi can produce a lot of waste, so a suitable filter is needed. Oasis have put together advanced technology and convenient features to ensure that your fish have a beautifully healthy pond.

Chamber 1 - The water enters the Vortex compartment, where it is forced in to a swirl. The movement of the water sends larger particles to the base of the chamber for removal via the flush back valve.The water then begins its journey through the filter chambers.

Chamber 2 - Brushes work to remove pieces of waste from the water. The dense brushes capture even large pieces of debris efficiently.

Chamber 3 - A bio-cartridge provides both mechanical and biological filtration. The foam traps dirt whilst the surface area promotes the growth of beneficial bacterial cultures for optimum results.

Chamber 4 - Finally the water enters the last compartment. Multi layered filter foams capture any remaining waste, whilst Flocor biological media uses bacteria to consume further impurities and trap any escaping waste.

This unit is incredibly easy to install, and provides excellent filtration year round. Please note that this unit can take around 5 working days delivery as it is ordered exclusively from the manufacturer.


  • Max pond Volume filtration: 20000 litres
  • Max flow rate: 6750 litres per hour
  • Outlet size: 50 x 2 millimetres
  • Inlet size: 25 - 38 millimetres
  • Filter size: 155 x 65 x 62 centimetre

Key Features:

  • Large main vortex compartment, including back flush option,
  • Easy maintenance by quick removal of sediment build up
  • Slide valve to ensure easy removal of heavy sediment and debris from vortex floor
  • Addition of the dense brush and bio cartridge chamber for further filtration
  • Affordable and easy to install it can be used with pump or gravity fed filtration
  • Multi-layered biological medium including flocor
  • One year guarantee

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