Oasis VorTec 30000

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Providing the highest level of filtration, the Vortec 30000 is exactly what that you need to cater for your beautiful Koi collection.


  • VorTec 30000
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Product Information

Featuring a large combination of mechanical and biological filtration it includes a large central Vortec chamber designed to remove heavy sediment and debris, with a simple back flush pipe at the base for easy cleaning. There are three subsequent chambers including brushes, bio cartridges and multi layered foam filters, to provide maximum filtration.


Intelligent, ingenuitive designing makes the VorTec 30000 Filtration System an absolute favourite for the Koi keeping enthusiast. Ideal for keeping your keeping your Koi fish in clean, healthy water this filtration system employs a large Vortec chamber, as well as a secondary large multi layered foam filtration chamber.

As an upgraded model of the vortex 20000, this filtration unit features thicker filtration mediums within larger chambers. This creates an even more powerful filtration proces. As a result the vortex 30000 can confidently process up to 9000 litres of pond water per hour, to the impeccably high standards required by a Koi pond.

With the option of being used with a pressurised pump or gravity fed, the Vortec chamber accepts your ponds water, which is jetted down the pipe intake pipe and into the relatively massive space of the Vortec chamber. This allows any large debris and sediment to settle at the bottom of the chamber, where it can be easily remove via the back flush valve.

As the now clear water moves upwards it will overspill into the secondary chamber, to be met by a dense layer of red brushes and then onto a further biocartridge chamber.

Finally the water will encounter multiple layers of increasingly fine filtration foam and a large section of Flocor within the final chamber. The large surface area of the shredded plastic flocor allows a firm barrier against any remaining physical impurities within the water.

Affordable and easy to install, this system will ensure the removal of larger debris and impurities that would otherwise be harmful to the water of your invaluable Koi fish collection.

Performance statistics:

Oasis Vor-Tec 30000 Filter:

  • Max pond volume filtration: 30000 litres
  • Max flow rate: 9000 litres per hour
  • Outlet size: 50 x 2 millimetres
  • Inlet size: 19 - 38 millimetres

At a glance:

  • Large main vortex compartment, including back flush option, allowing easy maintainence by quick removal of sediment build up
  • Uses slidevalve assembley design to ensure easy removal of heavy sediment and debris from vortex floor
  • Addition of the dense brush and bio cartridge chamber for further filtration able to filtrate up to 30000 litres
  • Affordable and easy to install it can be used with pump or gravity fed filtration
  • Multi layered biological medium including flocor

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