Oasis Xtreme Filter System

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Featuring an thorough 8 stages of water cleaning, this Oase Xtreme Filter System is a bit of a pond filter beast, handling up to 30,000L ponds. Get it at the best price here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

The Oasis Xtreme Filter System uses 8 stages of filtration to clean the water in your pond thoroughly and efficiently for the very best results.

With a 30,000 litre capacity, this unit are perfect for highly stocked Koi ponds. Using a combination of filter media and even an Ultra Violet purifier to eradicate all types of dirt, pollutants and even algae.

This pressurised filter can be partially or fully buried depending upon your preferences and space limitations. It differs from many multi chamber filters as the unit is tubular in design, making it more compact and easier to position in a smaller garden.

The Oasis Xtreme Filtration System comprises of eight stages of expert and intelligently designed filtration. Each stage offers a different material or process by means of either biological, mechanical or by UV filtration. Below is a breakdown of each of these cleansing stages:

  1. Powerful Ultra Violet Purifier - Eliminates green water by flocculating smaller particles together making them easier to catch. Includes  a 50 watt UV bulb. Housed in the top of the unit, the water is exposed to this first, meaning that the algae cells are pushed through to the filter.
  2. Compact Vortex Chamber - From the high speed of the inlet pipe to the vortex space ensures all heavier debris and dirt will settle whilst the cleaner water rises. There is also a flush valve at the base of the vortex to expel the accumulated waste for easy cleaning
  3. Vertical Transfer Port (with gravity settlement) - Located at the top of the system this stage uses gravity to ensure only the debris free water can pass on to the next stage
  4. Course Grade Biological Foam - The course grade material catches larger pieces of debris and dirt
  5. Medium Grade Biological Foam - Medium grade biological foam continues to catch even finer pieces of dirt and debris
  6. Fine Grade Biological Foam - This extra fine layer of filter is ideal for catching the smallest particles
  7. Activated Carbon Foam - Providing the extra level of filtration the carbon will remove water most remaining impurities
  8. Flocor Media - Large surface plastic biological media has a large surface area for bacterial colonies.

Key Features:

  • Multi chambered 8 stage Koi filter system - clear water complete filtration system guaranteed with U.V purification system included
  • 30,000 litre capacity including a 50  watt UVC filter
  • Max flow rate :6000 lph 
  • Pressured filtration system allows it to be partly / fully buried (top in top out system)
  • Compact design - flush valve bio chamber pressures water into a compact vortex chamber. Includes easy flush valve
  • Vertical transfer pipes encourage settlement of debris and impurities
  • Multi layered biological medium includes; coarse grade, medium grade, fine grade and an activated carbon filter.
  • One year guarantee

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