Ocean Nutrition Feeding Station

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This Ocean Nutrition Feeding Station helps to keep feeding time neater, reducing levels of waste food in your aquarium and ensuring your fish get the most out of each meal.


  • Feeding Station
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Product Information

The Ocean Nutrition Feeding Station makes feeding your fish easier and keeps your tank cleaner.

The device floats on the surface of the water and will hold foods such as flakes and pellets which float on the surface of the water. It can also be stuck to the side via a strong sucker (included).

The Feeding Station will float on the surface of the water. It keeps the food in one small space, which stops it from dispersing all over the tank and entering the filter or skimmer.

Fish will return to the feeding space, which retains the food in one place only, and makes it easier for you to remove uneaten food and avoid a build-up of waste.

Key Features:

  • Sits at the side of the tank or floats on surface
  • Can hold dry or frozen foods in one place
  • Cuts down on maintenance and waste
  • Stops food waste entering filter or skimmer
  • Can be used in all aquariums



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