Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Flakes

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Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Flakes are suitable for both fresh and salt water fish, giving them a high protein diet made from natural ingredients that help them to grow and develop in a healthy way.


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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Flakes are a protein rich food for marine and tropical freshwater fish.

With a nutritious diet of salmon, tuna eggs, squid, wheat germ and sea clams, the flakes will boost fish health from the inside and out.

This food is ideal for juvenile fish and will promote best development and a healthy immune system too. Colours are enhanced by the added vitamins and carotenoid pigments, and also thanks to the nutrient rich diet.

This is an ideal food for every day, or it can be supplemented with other foods if required. As the flakes are easily digested, it produces little waste, which means a cleaner tank.

Key Features:

  • High in protein
  • Great for young fish
  • Boost immune system and colours
  • Low waste

Feeding Instructions: Feed as much as your fish will eat in a few minutes. Feed approximately 3-4 times per day, depending upon how many fish you have. Remove uneaten food to avoid a waste build-up.


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Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Flakes 70g 70g

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