Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Marine Pellet

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Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 Marine Pellet features a high protein content for healthy growth and development of your marine fish, using natural sources of protein such as shrimp and fish eggs.


  • Formula 1 Pellet 400g sml
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Product Information

The Ocean Nutrition Formula One Marine Pellets are a nutrient packed food ideal for marine fish.

Each pellet contains spirulina algae and garlic to boost protein levels, promote a healthy appetite and strengthen the immune system. With an overall level of 41% protein this food provides the most beneficial diet for active marine fish.

Colours are enhanced thanks to the rich vitamins added, and the added carotenoid pigments. The soft, moist pellets are easily digested and produce little waste, so you can be confident that all of the nutrients are consumed.

The food is packed in a foil pouch within the plastic tub. The foil pouches have been flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen, and keep the food fresher for longer. Once the foil pouches are opened, the pellets remain fresh for 3-4 months.

Pellet sizes: small - approximately 1.2mm, medium - approximately 3.1mm

Key Features:

  • Contains high quality marine proteins
  • ¬†Spirulina and Garlic boost the immune system
  • Colours enhanced
  • Oxygen is removed with a nitrogen flush
  • The pellets are highly palatable, and are also soft and moist

Ingredients Include:-

Shrimp, Sardine, Wheat Flour, Fish Eggs, Salmon Oil, Garlic, Vitamin B12 and Yeast, min 41.1% Protein.

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