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Olympic Skimmers are for use in ponds, helping to remove waste and debris on the surface for a clearer, cleaner pond. Available at the best price here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

The Olympic Surface Skimmers are tough, durable pond skimmers that can be built into the side of a pond or attached with a liner, thanks to the included clamp plate.

These substantial product comes in two ways- the Standard and the Wide Mouth skimmer. Each takes leaves, waste and other debris from the water and removes it from the surface of the pond. The device must be used in conjunction with an adequate filter. As these skimmers are ideal to use in Koi ponds, the Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod or Oase FiltoClear filters are ideal choices.

The Wide Mouth version has, as the name suggests, a much broader intake section than the standard skimmer, which means it can remove much more debris, more quickly.

The Standard Surface Skimmer is suitable for ponds of around 9000 litres. It has a flow rate of approximately 3000 - 4500 lph.

The Wide Mouth Skimmer is suitable for ponds of around 18000 litres and has a flow rate of 5600 - 15000 lph.

Dimensions of skimmer intake section:

Standard: 19cm

Wide Mouth: 35cm

Product Specification

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Olympic Wide Mouth Skimmer Black

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