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  • Multiclear Set 5000
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Product Information

Made super affordable by Swell UK, the Pondtec Multiclear Set 5000 brings you real value for money and reliable performance in your pond.

The Pondtec Multiclear set 5000 is powered by a durable and hardworking submersible pump with a flow rate of 1500 Lph, feeding a combined pond filter box containing both mechanical and biological filter media, as well as a 7w UV clarifier to help rid your pond of green algae.

Designed for smaller ponds with a capacity of 5000L without fish (or 2500L with goldfish) the Pondtec Multiclear filtration system is a complete clear water solution, removing the green tinge to your pond and keeping it balanced and healthy. Each filter features 8 stages of filtration, more than the vast majority of filters on the market, handling more types of dirt and toxins.

Each Filter Kit contains the following items.

  • UVC clarifier.
  • Biological Filter Box.
  • Oase Pondovario Pump.
  • 3 metres of Flexi Hose.
  • Easy clean Japanese matting.
  • Coarse foam.
  • Fine foam.
  • Bio balls.

Technical Information:

Multiclear 5000 Set filter

  • Max flow rate: 1500lph.
  • Max pond size: 5000 litres.
  • Max pond size with goldfish: 2500 litres.
  • Pump size: 1500lph.
  • UVC Power: 7 watt.
  • Dimensions 385 x 285 x 370mm.

The stages are separated by walls designed to optimize the flow inside the filter. There is also a compact UV lamp housed on top of the filter for guaranteed clear water.

Order one from Swell UK before 3pm weekdays and we will even despatch it the very same working day!

Product Specification

Product Max Head UV Wattage Max LPH Size Guarantee
Pontec Multiclear Set 5000 1.9 metres 7 watts 1500lph 385 x 285 x 370mm 2 year

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