Interpet Quick Safe Start

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Get your aquarium filter off to a flying start with Interpet Filter Start - perfect for fishless cycling while you get your water chemistry good enough for the fish you want.


  • Quick Safe Start - 125ml
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Product Information

Interpet Filter Start contains an active beneficial bacteria that have been developed to speed up the development of new filter media.

It is ideally suited for use with new aquariums, or when changing filter media. The cultures used in Interpet Filter Start do not colour or taint the aquarium and should ideally be used on a monthly basis to ensure optimum filter function.

Dosage: Use 1 millilitres for every 36 litres aquarium water.

Key Features:

  • Does not colour the aquarium water
  • Ideal for use with new aquariums
  • Includes an in-depth guide to fish health, pippete and measuring cup

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