Red Sea Alkalinity Pro - Titrator Test Kit

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Red Sea Alkalinity Pro - Titrator Test Kit allows you to test the alkalinity levels in your marine aquarium to ensure they are at the correct levels for the life in your tank.


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Product Information

The Red Sea Alkalinity Pro - Titrator Test Kit contains everything you need to test and rectify your reef aquarium's KH levels.

This is an advanced titration test, measuring the level of buffers in your reef aquarium to a high resolution of 0.025 meq/l. This test kit enables the accurate dosing of RedSea's Reef Foundation B supplement (buffer) which is part of the complete RedSea Reef Care program. A 100ml sample size bottle of this excellent buffer is included.

It's important to regualte the alkalinity levels within your aquarium, if they are not maintained at the right amount this can cause stress to your fish and increase the chances of fish health problems.

Fish waste and by-products as well as other treatments can affect the KH balance in your tank, so it's important to keep a watchful eye and treat with the relevant buffer as needed. Red Sea include 75 tests in this accurate kit, so you can be confident that you have it well covered!

Good tank maintenance and regular water changes will help to stop levels dropping or rising too much. Regular testing however is imperative to make sure that you have the healthiest balance.

The kit contains:

  • Robust housing,
  • Glass Test Vial,
  • Colour comparison chart,
  • Titrator included (easy to use, single hand, high precision tritator),
  • 100ml sample of Reef Foundation B,
  • 60ml of KH Buffer,
  • test up to 75 times,
  • In depth instruction manual.

For Further Information Please Refer To The RedSea Brochure Below.

RedSea Reef Care Brochure

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