Red Sea Calcium Pro - Titrator Test Kit

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Calcium levels are important to the health of your coral reef, and you can monitor them closely using a Red Sea Calcium Pro - Titrator Test Kit, available at the best prices from Swell UK.


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Product Information

The Red Sea Advanced Calcium Titration test for the experienced reef keeper allows for precise testing of calcium levels. Calcium is an important element in your marine aquarium that is used by corals and coralline algae to form a healthy skeleton and beautiful colours. Calcium is rapidly depleted by corals and therefore needs regular top ups.

The Calcium Pro test has a higher accuracy them regular calcium tests and is an important tool in the administering/usage of advanced calcium supplements. It will measure to a high resolution of 2.5ppm.

This Red Sea test kit enables the accurate dosing of Red Sea's Reef Foundation A (calcium / strontium) and reef colour supplement. Make sure that you add the right dose as too high or low a dose can cause fish stress and other health problems. As it contains 75 tests, you can be confident that you are always prepared.

This Test Kit contains:

  • Titrator,
  • Durable Plastic Housing Box,
  • Colour Card,
  • Full Instruction Manual,
  • Dosing Spoon,
  • Calcium Test Liquids,
  • Up To 75 Calcium Test's.

For Further Information Please Refer To The RedSea Brochure Below.

RedSea Reef Care Brochure

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