Red Sea Live Reef Base Aragonite Sand Pink

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A fantastic natural aquarium substrate, this Red Sea Live Reef Base Aragonite Sand Pink is kept alive in it's original sea water to keep the organisms alive that help filter your tank.


  • Live Reef Base Aragonite Sand Pink 10kg
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Product Information

Well known for their expertise in aquatic care, this pink and white sand from Red Sea not only looks beautiful, it also supports a healthy balanced tank.

The Live Reef Base Aragonite Sand Pink is packed with laboratory produced live cultures and bacteria that speed up the tank's cycling process and help to avoid the dreaded New Tank Syndrome.

The bacteria sticks to the grains of sand, which means there is a huge surface area available for the best results.

Ideal for marine aquariums with both corals and fish, this eco-friendly sand promotes a stable pH of around 8.2 - 8.3. It also helps to maintain the best alkalinity level.

Packed in sterilized seawater to retain all of the healthy bacterial colonies, this sand has already been mechanically washed and exposed to both air and UV light. It is then washed again to give you a beautifully clean substrate.

10kg bag.

Grain size 0.5 - 1.5mm

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