Red Sea Reef Dry Aragonite Sand White

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A fantastic aquarium substrate, Reef Dry Aragonite Sand White is perfect for salt water aquariums, helping to support the life of your fish and corals, as well as contributing to the beauty of your tank.


  • Reef Base Dry Aragonite Sand White 10kg
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Product Information

This dry Red Sea Reef Base Dry Aragonite Sand is designed for both marine and reef aquariums with both corals and fish.

Made from naturally sustainable aragonite source, this sand helps to maintain the pH value of your aquarium to around 8.2 - 8.3. It also supports the alkalinity level.

This natural sand is prewashed, then exposed to Ultra Violet light and air to ensure that the finished product is as clean as possible. It is then washed for a second time.

This substrate is ideal to use with marine tanks containing both fish and corals.

The stunning Ocean White sand is 0.25mm - 1mm in size.

10kg bag.

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