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This Rena Air Pump delivers much needed air to the bottom of your fish tank, oxygenating the water to help your fish breath, and improving the water quality - essential for summer use, it is highly efficient and powerful, and sold at the best price here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

Rena offer a range of air pumps to suit all sizes of aquarium.

Even the largest tank will have the best flow possible and best of all, the range runs quietly so can be used in any room. Rena have rated the air pump as emitting less than 30 decibels at a distance of 1 metre.

The design of the Rena air pump is such that is ensures the least noise. The base is attached to the casing so that cuts out the chance of any vibration. Special extension chambers at the valve help to absorb vibrations too, as well as ensuring a powerful flow rate.

The largest of the pumps has two air outlets and two chambers for the maximum output in up to 600 litre tanks.

All Rena air pumps also come with a fantastic 3 year guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Optimum flow, even in the biggest tank
  • Anti-Noise technology; careful assembly and shape to minimise vibration.
  • Compact design
  • Available of 5 versions, from 50 litres to 600 litres per hour.


Aquariums up to

Flow Rate (lph)

Pressure (mb)



Rena Air Pump 50

50 litres




Rena Air Pump100

100 litres




Rena Air Pump200

200 litres




Rena Air Pump300

300 litres




Rena Air Pump 600

600 litres

2 x 200

2 x 300


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    Date 28/08/2016 07:08am
    Rena Air Pump 600
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    I ordered a Rena Air Pump in UK, thus the plug doesn't fit.
    I didn't use it but keep in mind plugs are for UK.
    an adapter is needed.