Seachem Flourish Excel

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Used when you do your water change, this Seachem Flourish Excel features organic carbon that can be used by your plants to get their CO2 fix, helping them grow healthy and beautiful in your planted aquarium - a great alternative to CO2 systems or for a bit of a boost.


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Product Information

Seachem Flourish Excel is a source of bioavailable organic carbon that caters for your aquatic plant's natural need for CO2.

Ideally used after a water change, Flourish Excel will provide the right amount of carbon compounds to promote photosynthesis - essential for lush plant growth and to oxygenate the water. It introduces the finished compound bypassing the need for a CO2 system, although the two processes can work together with no ill effects.

The product also has iron reducing properties which encourage the ferrous state of iron (Fe+2), which plants can consume easily. Iron is vital for healthy growth, so levels must be replenished routinely.


  • On initial use or after a major (> 40%) water change, use one capful (5 ml) for every 40 litres
  • Then use one capful for every 200 litres daily or every other day
  • Dosing may be slowly increased in high-growth aquariums
  • For smaller dosing please note that each cap thread is approximately 1 ml


  • 100ml treats 800 litres / 200 gallons
  • 250ml treats 2000 litres / 500 gallons
  • 500ml treats 4000 litres / 1000 gallons
  • 2 litres treats 16,000 litres / 4000 gallons
  • 4 litres treats 32,000 litres / 8000 gallons

Please note that the above dosages are intended as a guide for a first day aquarium and dosages should be adapted thereafter according to the below directions.

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