Seachem Flourish Trace

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Seachem Flourish Trace contains a perfect range of trace elements usually found in the water your plants would grow in if they were still in the wild. Although not statisically important, your plant needs these trace elements to grow healthily and beautifully, and you can ensure they are present in your water using this aquarium supplement.


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Product Information

Seachem Flourish Trace contains the trace elements that aquatic plants need to grow in strength and vitality.

It can be used alone, or alongside Seachem Flourish for increased nourishment. As trace elements are naturally depleted from the water, they must be replenished to ensure that plants and fish have exactly what they need to thrive.


Boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, rubidium, nickel and vanadium.

Dosage: Use 5 ml for every 80 litres / 17.6 litres of aquarium water twice a week.

Key Features:

  • Includes a broad range of trace elements
  • Promotes plant growth and maintenance
  • Ideal for use alongside Seachem Flourish
  • 250ml

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