Seachem Lil' Alert Mates featuring Barry Cuda

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A great ammonia reader for your aquarium, you can check up on ammonia levels in your tank at a glance using this Seachem Lil' Alert Mates featuring Barry Cuda, using an easy to read colour chart to let you know if Ammonia levels are getting too high.


  • Ammonia Alert Barry Cuda (1 Year)
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Product Information

Lil' Alert Mates featuring Barry Cuda uses colour changing method to denote the level of ammonia in your aquarium.

It has a fun, bright design that adds a splash of colour to your fish tank, and as it has a sturdy sucker attached, it sits in the aquarium for continious readings.

It changes colour as ammonia is detected, in the following format:

  • Yellow - safe
  • Green - alert
  • Blue - toxic, Seachem AMGuard should be used to avoid further problems

This test device lasts for over a year, so not only does it provide the best results, it saves money too.

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