Seachem Phosguard

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Keep your aquarium from unhealthy phosphate and silicate levels with Seachem Phosguard. This high porous water treatment can be used with both marine and freshwater aquariums to keep levels low before algae can take a serious hold on your tank.


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Product Information

Seachem PhosGuard removes phosphates and silicate from both marine and freshwater aquariums. It has a highly porous quality and spherical shape that allows for maximum water flow and the best results.

It is not recommended for use in phosphate buffered freshwater aquariums.

PhosGuard will not leach any toxins, phosphates or silicates back into the water. Simply add the correct amount to a filter bag, or directly to the filter canister, drip tray, sump or box filter. Make sure to place it in an area of high flow, for the maximum water exposure.

Directions for use:

  • Use 250ml per 300 litres of water
  • Rinse thoroughly with tap water
  • Add to the filter, a mesh filter bag can be used
  • Leave for 4 days, then test using a reliable test kit.
  • If the levels have not dropped to 0.02mg/L or lower then treat again.

Key Features

  • Unique shape allows for maximum effect
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums
  • Can be used in a variety of filters
  • Available in various sizes from 100ml to 20 litre tubs.

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