Seachem Reef Iodide

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Seachem Reef Iodide is an aquarium water supplement that boosts your tank's iodide levels, stabilising the chemical and creating a better environment for corals to grow in.


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Product Information

Reef Iodide from Seachem will restore your aquarium's iodide levels safely.

It contains a stabilising compound which will stop it converting in to toxic iodine. It is a highly concentrated product at 8,000 mg/litre which will replenish iodide levels to those naturally found in sea water, perfect to create just the right balance within your reef aquarium.

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(Please note that each cap thread is approximately 1ml, full cap is 5 ml)

Beginner: Add 5ml (1 capful) for each 200 litres every other day.

Advanced: Add 1ml for each 80 litres daily to raise iodide by 0.10 mg/l

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