Stowasis Midi External Mister (Colour Changing)

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Stowasis Midi External Mister changes colour as it goes, providing stunning effects on those warm evenings by your pond. It cuts out if your water levels get too low too.


  • Float for Midi External Mister
    code: SMA1119 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)
  • Membrane Replacement for Midi External Mister
    code: SMA0039 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)

Product Information

The Stowasis Midi External Mister Colour Changing, now available from Swell UK.

Most external Mist makers are now supplied complete with an external transformer, 10 meters of cable (this cable must not be cut or shortened), 20mm diameter ceramic smart disc and patented water level switch, which will automatically stop the mister if the water level gets to low.

To obtain maximum performance we recommend that these products are used conjunction with the appropriate floats, this ensures optimum working depth.

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