Swell 2x3L Lilies, 2x3L Aponogeton

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This collection consists of two lilies and two Aponogeton distachyos - beautiful, they make a fantastic addition to your pond and will look great, completing your garden look.


  • 2x3L Lilies, 2x3L Aponogeton distachyos
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Product Information

This pond plant collection consists of two lilies in 3 litre pots and two Aponogeton distachyos. Specific types may include but cannot be confirmed:

  • One lily such as a Nymphaea Darwin
  • One lily such as a Nymphaea Joey Tomocik
  • Two Aponogeton distachyos

Nymphaea Darwin is a water lily often known as Hollandia. It has striking pink blossoms resembling a peony. The flowers are supported on large dark green flat leaves than can spread up to two metres across so it is ideal for larger ponds.

Nymphaea Joey Tomocik is a water lily with deep rich yellow blooms. It is considered one of the best yellow water lillies. It is very free flowering and suitable for ponds in full sun. This lily is extremely fragrant. Leaf spread 120-180 cm. Water depth 90-120 cm over the rhizome.

Aponogeton distachyos is a water hawthorn that should be positioned in full sun. The depth of the water should be 30-90c,. It grows at an average rate and can spready to around 70-90cm. It flowers between March and July and September to December and is quite frost hardy.

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