Swell 36 Watt PLL UV Bulb

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Swell 36 Watt PLL UV Bulb is a perfect replacement for your worn out Single ended, double tube in your garden pond UVC. Get what you need at a better price without compromising quality, here at Swell UK.


  • 36w PLL UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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Product Information

Swell 36w PLL UV replacement bulbs work with a variety of UV Clarifiers, filters and pumps to cleanse your pond water of algae cells.

Ultra Violet light eradicates the algae cells by clumping them together and forcing them to the pond filter. Cloudy or green pea soup water is blasted away and your pond returns to its former glory. Using an UV lamp in the warmer weather is vital to keep on top of algae formations.

Swell bulbs use only the best materials in their replacement bulbs, and using high-quality UVC lamps guarantees a long service life. You save money too, as when you purchase one lamp, you get one free!

Product Information

  • Swell PLL Bulbs are a single ended, twin tube with four pins at one end.
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control.
  • Can be used on:Oase Bitron, Blagdon UV's, Aqua Medic UV's and any other UV device that requires PLL
  • Buy one get one free!

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