Swell 5 Watt PLS UV Bulb

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A perfect single ended, twin bulbed replacement for your UVC, this Swell 5 Watt PLS UV Bulb comes at a fraction of the price of branded bulbs but does just the same job, with great performance. Replace, as always, every 6 months to ensure your UVC is functioning perfectly.


  • 5w PLS UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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Product Information

Easily keep algae and pathogens at bay with a high quality Swell 5 watt PLS UV replacement Bulbs/Tubes.

The UV light clears and cleans the water of cloudiness, green water issues and as such makes sure it is healthy for fish and plants. Plus if you buy one you get one free, saving you both money and time when the bulb requires replacing.

Swell bulbs use only the highest materials in their replacement bulbs, and by using high-quality UVC lamps guarantees a long service life.

Product Information:

Swell PLS Bulbs are a single ended, twin tube with two pins at one end.

High UV output allows for greater algae control.

Can be used on: Oase, Blagdon, Fish Mate, Hozelock, Aqua Medic UV's and any other UV device that requires PLS UV Bulbs.

Buy one get one free!

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