Swell 55 Watt PLL UV Bulb

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This Swell 55 Watt PLL UV Bulb has been made just for Swell UK customers, and replaces other 4-pin, single connection UV bulbs in your garden pond UVC for a fraction of the price of a branded model.


  • 55w PLL UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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Product Information

Swell 55w PLL UV replacement Bulbs/Tubes are ideal for UV clarifiers, filter sets and any pond equipment that uses a 55w PLL twin tube, four pin lamp.

Utra Violet light binds together algae cells for easy filtration and removal. Left unchecked algae can cause thick, murky water that starves fish and plants of oxygen, light and nutrients. Our own brand UV lamps ensure that your pond looks great all summer long.

Like all of our own brand products, these UV lamps are made to the highest standard and offer a long service life. They are also offer great value for money, as when you buy one, you get one free!

Product Information

  • Swell PLL Bulbs are a single ended, twin tube with four pins at one end.
  • High UV output allows for greater algae control.
  • Can be used on:Oase Bitron, Blagdon UV's, Aqua Medic UV's and any other UV device that requires PLL
  • Buy one get one free!

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    Date 31/05/2017 08:05am
    Swell 55w PLL UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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    Does the job, pond now clean! 2 for 1 offer as well!
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    Date 12/04/2017 14:04pm
    Swell 55w PLL UVC Bulb, 1 plus 1 free
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    Very good, much cheaper than the main brand,