Swell Anti Ulcer

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Swell Anti Ulcer is an advanced treatment against many harmful bacteria found on ornamental fish, helping them fight off the bacterial infection that is likely the cause, giving them time to heal and feel better. This ulcer treatment is only available at Swell UK, hence our low prices.


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Product Information

Swell Anti Ulcer is especially effective against open wounds and ulceration on large fish and koi but also treats against many harmful bacteria found on ornamental fish.

During times of stress, be it from transportation, weather changes or new fish, pond fish can become more susceptible to infections from bacteria. Using a good quality treatment such as Anti Ulcer will quickly eradicate the problem.

Although powerful, Swell Anti Ulcer is safe on most ornamental species. Our own branded pond treatments comapre more than favourably with other market leaders, and thanks to our everyday low prices, you save money too!

Treats 5,000 gallons (22,500 litres).

Add 10ml per 450 litres (100 gallons) of pond water.

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