Swell Aquarium background reversible 40cm American scenes

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This Swell UK Aquarium background reversible 40cm with American scenes allows you to change the look and feel of your aquarium simply by turning it round. Printed on high quality and waterproof materials, it won't leach ink into your aquarium.


  • Aquarium background reversible 40cm American scenes
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Product Information

Bring a touch of the United States to your aquarium with this dual background.

One side has a rocky landscape similar to the South West, and the other side the red glow of the Grand Canyon. The cool, colourful images create an extra level of interest in any aquarium, which you can change depending upon the look of your tank.

This background is 40cm, and sold by the foot, so simply pop the number of feet you require in the shopping basket.

Swell aquarium backgrounds are sold by the 30cm (12") so click to add to basket depending on how long the background is that you need:

  • So, if you want a 30cm strip add to basket once.
  • If you want a 60cm strip add to basket twice.
  • If you want a 90cm strip add to basket three times.

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