Swell Aquarium Decor Plant Pack Natural 36 inch

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This pack is a complete decor starter kit designer for an aquarium that's around 36inch (90cm) long. It includes a background and five plants of varying sizes to get you started, but leaving room to build on it when you are ready. A superb way to start or for aquariums that are a gift for somebody else.


Product Information

The Swell Plastic Plant Pack for 36 Inch Aquarium is a complete decor starter kit for a medium aquarium of round about 36" (90cm) long.

The pack includes:

  • A background that can be trimmed to size
  • 5 colourful, artificial plants

The plants are of various sizes, so that you can position them to the best advantage in your aquarium. Large are best at the back, medium in the mid-section, and smaller plants at the front.

Ideal for aquascapers of all levels, this kit contains just what you need for a medium aquarium. Realistic and hardwearing, these artificial plants need little maintenance, simply wash with old aquarium water. They won't fade or degrade, so you can be confident of a long shelf life.

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