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These Swell UK Barley Straw Bales become incredibly popular in the lead up to summer, where green algae can cause a real problem. Barley straw floating in your pond can make a real difference with this, and correctly applied to your pond, it should help clear things up in notime in conjunction with your filtration system.


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Product Information

Barley Straw is the perfect way of controlling blanketweed. Not only is it effective, it's also completely natural. Our bales are the perfect size for a variety of ponds.

Algae can be a real problem left unchecked. Blanket weed can quickly spread over your pond and stop vital light and oxygen from getting through. It can block drainage, ruin the look of the pond and cause unpleasant odours to permeate the garden.

Barley Straw is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to combat algae. As it breaks down, algae busting chemicals are released into the water. Microbes consume the nutrients that algae thrive on too, so it stops any further outbreaks.

Key Features:

  • Mini treats 4500 litres (1000 gallons)
  • Midi treats 9000 litres (2000 gallons)
  • Maxi treats 13500 litres (3000 gallons)
  • Comes complete with net bag for easy handling.
  • Lasts up to 6 months.
  • Effective method of controlling blanket weed and green water in pools.
  • Completely natural, environmentally friendly and safe to all aquatic pond life.


  • Mini Bale 20cm x 12cm x 13cm
  • Midi Bale 40cm x 18cm x 14cm

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