Swell Bog wood

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Swell Bog Wood is naturally sourced aquarium decor. It is also known by names like Mangowood and Jati Wood, and sits nicely in your tropical or freshwater tank - as natural an aquarium ornament as you can possible hope for, each piece is unique.


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Product Information

Swell Bog Wood allows you to create a natural and exotic setting in your freshwater aquarium. This type of wood is also often called Jati Wood or Mango Wood.

The wood is a natural product, and whilst it will not harm fish. However like all wood it contains tannins which may colour the wood. So before use clean the wood in boiling water, and then left to soak for around 7 days. If you still experience a taint in the aquarium water, use an activated carbon media to counteract the problem.

Bog wood comes in all shapes and sizes, so every piece is unique. This way you can create the most authentic scene in your aquarium.

Approximate dimensions (please note - this is real wood so all sizes and shapes are a guide only)

Key Features:

  • Attractive natural wood
  • Treated for safety
  • Adds character to your aquarium
  • Available in four sizes
  • Individual piece will vary in shape

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