Swell Ceramic Airstones

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Swell Airstones are great quality ceramic airstones available in four different sizes to suit a range of different air pumps and applications in your aquarium, helping to oxygenate the water aswell as create a little movement in there.


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Product Information

Swell Ceramic Airstones are for attaching to the end of airlines to aerate the tank, which distributes the oxygen within the tank. This is great for making sure all areas of the tank receive healthy, oxygenated water.

This is vital to have in when you have low PH levels and if you have a heavily planted aquarium, for night time as the plants take out the oxygen in the aquarium.

The Airstone can also be used a feature to create an curtain of bubbles within your aquarium.

An air pump is essential for the air stones to function. Check out our wide range for top quality and performance.

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