Swell Crashed Plane

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Swell Crashed Plane is an aquarium ornament designed to look like an old military fighter plane that has taken a tailspin into the water, now an old relic for your fish to swim and play around.


  • Crashed Plane
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Product Information

The Swell Crashed Plane is an aquarium model of a military plane that is all ready to make a crash landing in your aquarium.

It is wonderfully detailed and at over a foot long (33cm) it is an impressive and imposing ornament for the larger aquarium.

Superbly painted with great texture and attention to detail it is sure to be a real talking point in your fish tank. To breathe new life into your tank take a look at our exciting range of substrates and decor. 


33cm x 20cm x 13cm (13" x 8" x 7") 

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