Swell Feeding Ring

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This SwellUK aquarium Feeding Ring keeps fish feeding neat and tidy, meaning less food gets wasted and ending as biowaste for your filter to deal with.


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Product Information

The Swell Feeding Ring is a simple but highly effective way of reducing filter clogging usually associated with overfeeding. The Swell Feeding Ring will float easily on the top of the water, where you can pour in the fish food to float on the surface of the water, without random pieces floating off.

The Swell Feeding Ring also allows you to more easily monitor how much your fish are eating, ensuring healthy levels of feeding and optimum nutrition.


  • Diameter: 22cm / 8.7"

Key Features:

  • Floats easily on top of the water
  • Three sections allows to assist in monitoring of food consumption
  • Prevents floating pellets from clogging the filter
  • Reduces risk of stray, floating pellets

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