Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 10000

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Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 10000 filter sets are designed for ponds upto 10000ltrs, and provide everything you need for your pond - an excellent quality pond pump, UV clarifier and a filter box. Premium quality and an affordable price!


  • Filter Box Premium Kit 10000
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Product Information

Our Swell Premium box filter kit 10000 is of great value and are sure to give you great clarity and a healthy pond. They are extremely effective flow-through gravity filters that incorporating unique filter foam media for efficient mechanical and biological filtration.

This model is capable of filtering ponds up to 10000 litres (2197 gallons) and is best used for both ornamental and community fish ponds (no carp). It has installed located in the hood an 11w UV Clarifier (with inspection window) that will clear green water from your pond. This model consists of 12 foams, 4 being course for catching larger debris and 8 medium/fine for polishing off the water from smaller particles. These foams are great for keeping the water clear and healthy for your fish. Maintenance is made easy with its unique in-situ filter foam cleaning mechanism which allows you to squeeze the foams free of dirt without even getting your hands wet!

The pump included is of course to the usual high standards expected of Swell's own products and requires minimal maintenance thanks to its solid handling design. Its also very efficient with its low 43w motor making it very affordable. The pump uses 20mm piping (included) and comes complete with 2 banded hose clips for extra security.

Filter Box Premium Kit 10000

  • Max pond size: 10000 ltr no fish / 5000 ltrs with fish / not suitable for Koi
  • Pump flow: 2000lph
  • Pump head: max 3m
  • Pump cable length: 10m
  • UV cable length: 4m
  • Uses 11w PLS UV bulb
  • Comes complete with 3m of 20mm pipe & clips
  • Outelt: 50mm
  • Dimensions: 389mm x 269mm x 424mm
  • Warranty: 1 year on filter and UV, 3 year on the pump

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