Swell Floating Aerator Pump

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Swell Floating Aerator pump is perfect for garden ponds, with its 2m diameter spray at 50cm high it not only aerates the pond but also looks fantastic. The robust quality makes them the choice of professional pond keepers, churning out 20,000 LPH for truly stunning water displays.


  • Floating Aerator Pump
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Product Information

The all new Swell Floating Aerator pump doesn't only just oxygenate the pond water in the height of summer but it also adds a beautiful feature transforming the look of your pond. This aerating floating fountain is a must have especially in the summer period were oxygen levels can easily be depleted causing stress or even death to your fish.

This floating fountain couldn't be any easier to install, simply unpack it, anchor it in place with supplied fittings and your finished. the unit consists of the floating body, a strong 20,000 lph pump and LED lighting for the more elegant look. The floating body and pump is robust, reliable and compact in size compared to other floating fountain / oxygenating pumps.

Technical Specification:

  • Comes with 20,000 lph pump
  • 50cm high jet x 2m diameter
  • 6 x LED lights at 6w each
  • Adjustable fountain head
  • 10m of electrical cable
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 243mm
  • 1 year warrenty

Product characteristics:

  • Floating fountain for flexible installation in bodies of water with any type of floor conditions
  • Ready to connect complete set, consists of: Pump, float body and iluminating LED lights
  • Energy-efficient
  • Also ideal for short term use, e.g. for events
  • Oxygenates pond water better than most smaller pump

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