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Swell Media Foam Sets are superb quality reticulated foam and because they are part of Swell's own brand of products they come at an amazing price


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  • Foam 3 Pack 18x25in Coar-Med-Fine Sale
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Product Information

Swell Media Foam Sets are high quality sheet foam can be cut to any size giving a large economical filter surface and can be used in conjunction with filter wadding for sparkling water quality.

These 3-piece foam packs are available to fit virtually all types and sizes of biological box filters. Normally supplied in three different grades of dimpled foam per set.

The Swell filter foam can be easily cut to your correct filter shape or trimmed to a perfect size.

We suggest that the coarse foam is positioned on top (Black), the medium foam is positioned in the middle (Blue) and the fine foam (Green) is positioned at the bottom. This will allow for maximum particle removal and cleaner, clearer water.


  • 11" x 17"
  • 18" x 25"
  • 21" x 42"

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