Swell Galleon on Rocks

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Swell Galleon on Rocks will turn your fish tank from mild mannered aquarium into the scourge of the seven seas


  • Galleon on Rocks
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Product Information

This shipwrecked Galleon on Rocks is complete with a skull and crossbones, and a huge hole where the ship has been dashed onto the rocks.

Finished to a high standard, with details such as fallen sails, railings and more, this ornament creates a stunning centre piece for a freshwater aquarium.

The colours of the ship, d├ęcor and algae will look amazing submerged alongside plants, fish and other rocks. Non-toxic paints are used to make sure that all life forms are safe from home.

Unfortunately treasure is not included!


13cm x 9cm x 11cm (5" x 3.5" x 4.5")

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