Swell Goldfish Flakes 48g

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A simple yet healthy diet for aquarium goldfish, this tub of Swell Goldfish Flakes 48g is one of the most cost effective ways to feed your fish.


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Product Information

Swell own brand Goldfish Flake Fish Food is designed for all types of cold water aquarium fish including goldfish.

Made from fish and fish derivatives and vegetable protein extracts this high protein food meets all of your fish's dietary requirements and more. Plus, the added oils, fats and minerals will make sure that your fish glow with health.

Simply feed a little, removing uneaten food after a few minutes to avoid a waste build up. This food is packed in a plastic tub to keep the food fresher for longer.

All of our Swell branded products are designed with the upmost quality in mind, and always compare more than favourably with other leading brands. In terms of price, however, Swell UK always saves you money!

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