Swell Japanese Matting

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Swell UK's japanese matting makes for a great biological filter media. Available at great prices from Swell, it can be cut into whatever shape you need to fit your filter.


  • Japanese Matting - 1mtr x 2mtr
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Product Information

Japanese Matting is a firm favourite amongst pond keepers as it provides a great level of biological filtration and can be cut into any shape for the perfect fit. The thick textured matting provides a great place for biological bacteria to thrive and breakdown the nitrites and ammonia in the water.

It can be used as a thick sheet or cut into cartridge shapes to fit into a variety of pond filters. This means the perfect fit every time and a thorough clean.

It is commonly used in highly stocked Koi ponds and other fish ponds to cope with an increased level of waste and debris.

The sheets measure 2m x 1m x 38mm thick.

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