Swell Mini Landscape Rocks (Seiryu stone)

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Swell Mini Landscape Rocks are the perfect ornamental aquarium rock for creating stunning aquascapes without effecting water chemistry, available only here at Swell UK at our amazing prices.


  • Mini Landscape Rocks (Seiryu stone) small
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  • Mini Landscape Rocks (Seiryu stone) medium
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  • Mini Landscape Rocks (Seiryu stone) large
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Product Information

Mini Landscape Rock (also called Seiryu stone) is widely in the art of aquascaping. Its natural beauty makes it a stunning addition to any scene.

It is often used in the minimalist genre Iwagumi, which aims for a simpler look. It is a natural rock, and as such it is irregular in colour, shape and size, which means every single piece is different.

Used with real or artificial plants, Seiryu rock adds real depth and interest to any seascape.

It can raise the pH and hardness of the water, so perform regular tests and treat with the appropriate buffer as necessary.

Please see accompanying photo for a rough guide of shapes and sizes.

  • Small: Approximately 9 to13cm (3.5" to 5")
  • Medium: Approximately 15cm to20cm (6" to 8")
  • Large: Approximately 22cm to 26cm (8.5" to 10") 

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